Community Service Events

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Event Name Place Event Date Persons Influenced Project Cost Partner
Avopa Pention Program Avopa Office 15-May-2017 156 Rs. 40,000 Avopa
Anniversary Program SMP School 18-Apr-2017 105 Rs. 5,000 SMPS
AVOPA Pensions Distribution AVOPA 14-Apr-2017 157 Rs. 7,000 Avopa
Anniversary Program KGBV School 01-Apr-2017 200 Rs. 4,000 Self (GETA Service Trust)
AVOPA Pensions Beneficiaries Avopa Office 25-Mar-2017 150 Rs. 30,000 Avopa
World Water Day KGBV School 22-Mar-2017 200 Rs. 500 Self (GETA Service Trust)
Interact Dental Camp KGBV School 12-Mar-2017 200 Rs. 5,000 Dr.Shyam Sundar
CEC Charter Presentation Chirala Engineering College 10-Mar-2017 700 Rs. 5,000 Chirala Engg.College
Interact Health Screening Program KGBV School 09-Mar-2017 200 Rs. 20,000 Self (GETA Service Trust)
CEC NSS Unit Valedictory MPUP School 07-Mar-2017 370 Rs. 5,000 Chirala Engg.College
SMC Meeting In Chruch School SMP School 03-Mar-2017 105 Rs. 100 Self (GETA Service Trust)
YAGCW Anniversary Y.A.Womens College 23-Feb-2017 700 Rs. 5,000 Self (GETA Service Trust)
Intaract Club Conducted Camp in KGBV KGBV School 23-Feb-2017 200 Rs. 5,000 Rotary Club of Chirala
Rotaract Industrial Visit to CAPOL Y.A. & CEC Colleges 11-Feb-2017 180 Rs. 2,000 Rotary Club of Chirala
Rotaract of CEC 2K Walk Chirala Engineering College 03-Feb-2017 750 Rs. 5,000 Chirala Engg.College
Rotaract of YAGCE Pulse Polio Camp Y.A.Womens College 29-Jan-2017 700 Rs. 1,000 Rotary Club of Chirala
Incinerator to the GETA Trust in womens college Y.A.Womens College 28-Jan-2017 700 Rs. 20,000 85-89 Civil Engg.Batch Students
College Fee for Poor Students at Rotary Club Y.A.Womens College 28-Jan-2017 700 Rs. 60,000 Rotary Club of Chirala
Rotary 60K Fee Donation to YAGCW Y.A.Womens College 27-Jan-2017 700 Rs. 5,000 Rotary Club of Chirala
Blood Donation Camp Rotary Club 26-Jan-2017 1 Rs. 0 Rotary Club of Chirala
Group Hand washing SMP School 26-Jan-2017 105 Rs. 17,500 Rotary Club of Chirala
Republic day In Rotary Club Rotary Club 26-Jan-2017 100 Rs. 0 Self (GETA Service Trust)
Republic day In SMPS SMP School 26-Jan-2017 105 Rs. 300 Self (GETA Service Trust)
Avopa Pention Program Avopa Office 15-Jan-2017 150 Rs. 30,000 Avopa
Rotaract Industrial Visit Caple Company 11-Jan-2017 100 Rs. 500 Rotary Club of Chirala