Community Service Events

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Event Name Place Event Date Persons Influenced Project Cost Partner
Mega Medical Camp Rotary Club 05-Aug-2018 700 Rs. 60,000 Rotary Club
Nyapkin Distroyar Distribution YA Womens College 29-Jul-2018 700 Rs. 18,000 Rotary Club
Rotary Medical Camp Kotaiah Oldage Home 22-Jul-2018 200 Rs. 15,000 Rotary Club
Thykvando Launch Program NJAH School 18-Jul-2018 50 Rs. 5,000 Rotary Club
Vanam Manam Program ZP Model School 14-Jul-2018 1,200 Rs. 1,500 Rotary Club
Planitation Program NR&PMH School 09-Jul-2018 0 Rs. 500 Rotary Club
Uniforms Distribution Program MPP School 05-Jul-2018 325 Rs. 40,000 Government
Singing Compitation ZP Model School 04-Jul-2018 18 Rs. 500 Vura Mastan Rao
Plants Distribution Program MRC Office 02-Jul-2018 0 Rs. 5,000 Rotary Club
Blood Donation Camp Rotary Club 01-Jul-2018 10 Rs. 5,000 Rotary Club
Rotary Pramna Sweekara Program Rotary Club 01-Jul-2018 70 Rs. 30,000 Rotary Club
Rotary Awards GETA Service Trust Office 23-Jun-2018 10 Rs. 15,000 Rotary Club Of Chirala
Avopa Penssion Program Avopa Office 15-Jun-2018 205 Rs. 41,000 Avopa
Avopa Penssion Program Avopa Office 15-May-2018 205 Rs. 60,000 Avopa
Rice Distribution Program Kotaiah Old Age Home 07-May-2018 100 Rs. 1,000 GETA Service Trust
Marchent Association Program Marchent Association Hall 01-May-2018 80 Rs. 20,000 Marchent Association
Rotary Fellowship Program Sea Breez Resorts 10-Apr-2018 70 Rs. 50,000 Rotary Club
Saries Distribution Program Orphans Welfare Organization 05-Apr-2018 50 Rs. 5,000 GETA
SMPS Aniversary Program SMP School, Church Compond 02-Apr-2018 150 Rs. 10,000 SMPS
Sri Vasavi Sports Program Avopa Office 28-Mar-2018 200 Rs. 10,000 Avopa
Kalamjali Program KGMGH School 25-Mar-2018 500 Rs. 5,000 Kalamjali
Vyasya Marriage Program Avopa Office 21-Mar-2018 500 Rs. 50,000 Vysya Vaaradhi
Aniversary Program YA womens Degree College 06-Mar-2018 700 Rs. 5,000 YA Degree womens College
Chairs Distribution In Janmabhumi Program KGMGH School 05-Jan-2018 50 Rs. 2,400 GETA Service Trust
Frouits Distribution Program Old age Home 01-Jan-2018 260 Rs. 3,000 GETA Service Trust