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Event : I4I Medical Aid (Cancer Treatment) to Shashank N, Hyderabad
Beneficiary : Shashank Naga, Student of X standard, Hyderabad.
Event Date : Friday, 05-Aug-2005
Place : Hyderabad
Beneficiary Need : Shashank Naga is diagnosed in August 2005 to be a victim of Cancer. Fortunately, it is a curable disease. His parents Mr. Sanjay Kumar and Mrs. Durga were bold, faced the situation with determination to get a good treatement to Shashank and get him rid of this evil disease. The treatment involved expensive cycles of tests and medication. They could afford up to the second cycle of 4 cycles. Mr. Sanjay needed about Rs. 1,50,000 till the completion of 4 cycles.
Financial Contribution : Rs. 1,61,000
GETA Partner : I 4 I, Riyadh, Saudhi Arabia
No of Beneficiaries : One - 1