Talent Test in Indoor Games, Chirala, 10-May-2009 (GETA-SKL-9005) [ Go Back ]

Test Subject : Indoor Games
Test Date : Saturday, 10th May 2009
Sponsor : Bharath Friends, Chirala
Participants : Open to all
Venue : Bharath Gardens, Opp. Hyma Hospital, Solomon Center, Chirala
Awards & Recognition : A gift is awarded to each talented performer
Shooting Towers:    
1st Prize : G Murali Krishna
2nd Prize : D Trisainath
Follow Me:    
1st Prize : T Lakshmi Priya
2nd Prize : V Vennela
Rings Game:    
  : D rajasekhar
  : K Sanjana
  : K Gowthami
1st Prize : A Lakshman
2nd Prize : M Sai Teja
Skipping (Ladies):    
1st Prize : G Devasena
2nd Prize : G Pooja
Skipping (Gents):    
1st Prize : Y Sai
2nd Prize : P Venkatesh
Skipping (Gents - Juniors):    
1st Prize : P Siva Sai
2nd Prize : P Sravan Kumar
Bursting Balloons (Ladies - Seniors):    
1st Prize : T Alekhya
2nd Prize : G Neeraja Lakshmi
Bursting Balloons (Ladies - Juniors):    
1st Prize : P Sravani
2nd Prize : Ch Moukthika
No. 7 Game:    
1st Prize : V Anantha Lakshmi
2nd Prize : T Sri Anvesha
Musical Chairs:    
1st Prize : G Sri Lakshmi
2nd Prize : T Alekhya
Running Race:    
1st Prize of Team 1 : P Siva Sai & P Sravan Kumar
1st Prize of Team 2 : T Sri Anvesha & N Chandrika
1st Prize of Team 3 : P Venkatesh & P Raghu Ram
Consolation : P Keerthana & P Priyanka
Full Housie:    
1st Row : G Durga Bhargav
1st Row : G Naga Lakshmi
2nd Row : G Ramya
3rd Row : G Ramya
3rd Row : D Raghu Prasad
3rd Row : G Murali Krishna
1st Full Housie : G Murali Krishna
1st Full Housie : P Priyanka
1st Full Housie : G Gitendra Babus
Other Facts    
Total Number of Participants Attended for the Test : 100