Talent Test 103 on Desabhakti Geyalu Competition, Patha Chirala, 04-Sep-2013 (GETA-SKL-1308) [ Go Back ]

Test Subject : Desabhakti Geyalu Competition
Test Date : Wednesday, 04 September 2013
Participants : Students 6th and 7th Classes
Venue : SKAUP School, Patha Chirala
Awards & Recognition : Special Books, Prize Cups and a talent recognition certification are awarded to each talented performer
    1. Mr. Sajja Nageswara Rao, Music Teacher
    2. Mrs. Ch. Chinna Devi, Teacher
    3. Mr. Sunil Vase, Senior Associate, GETA.co.in
1st Prize : Nangu. Usha Rani, 6th class
2nd Prize : Savanam. Naga Tirumala, 6th class
Other Facts    
Total Number of Participants Attended for the Test : 35
Total Number of Students Attended for the Test : 100