TCS Fresher Selection Mock Test, Chirala, 30-12-2006 (GETA-P4-0612 Test 2) [ Go Back ]

Test Pattern:    
1. Aptitude Test    
a. Verbal Reasoning : Synonyms, Antonyms, Sentence completion and reading and comprehension - 32 questions - 40 minutes
b. Quantitative aptitude : Time and speed, percentage, series questions, pie charts, Venn diagrams, permutation-combination, probability, compound interest, percentage, etc - 28 questions - 40 minutes
c. Critical Reasoning : Puzzles - 15 Questions - 10 minutes
    Three word puzzles, each having 5 questions based on it. The puzzles were like there are three different ways to reach from town A to Town B, which will be the most economic way, which will be the shortest way etc. The puzzle Book of George Summers might help in this section, although presence of mind is very much required.
2. Psychometric Test - 150 questions - 30 minutes    
    This test will automatically appear on your screen if you clear. There is cutoff for the Aptitude test.
Test Duration : 2 Hours
Venue : Chirala Engineering College, Chirala
Best Performer : Praveen Kumar Polisetty, BTech-ECE-Third year