Community Service Events

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Event Name Place Event Date Persons Influenced Project Cost Partner
Good Citizens Forum Launch NJA High School 15-Aug-2014 372 Rs. 2,500 Stamford Saibaba Devotees, USA
Seminar on Disaster Management ARM High School 11-Nov-2013 150 Rs. 500 Self (GETA Service Trust)
Rotary Club Goals, Activities and Responsibilities Rotary Community Hall 24-Mar-2010 30 Rs. 500 Self (GETA Service Trust)
An Event with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ZP High School 20-Mar-2009 400 Rs. 2,000 Mr. Srinivasarao Ravuri, Riyadh
I4I Aid to Fire Accident Victims Chirala 05-May-2008 50 Rs. 11,719 Indians for India, Riyadh
I 4 I Aid to Old Aged People Pedagottipadu Old Age Home 05-Dec-2007 82 Rs. 4,920 Indians for India, Riyadh
Relief Aid to Flood Victims Kurnool 22-Aug-2007 100 Rs. 21,597 Indians for India, Riyadh
Cheyutha Infrastructure Aid to Anadha Vikalangula Nilayamu, Chirala Chirala 23-Mar-2006 40 Rs. 12,150 Cheyutha, Dubai
Cheyutha Adopting Chaitanya MRC, Chirala Chaitanya MRC 08-Mar-2006 40 Rs. 50,000 Cheyutha, Dubai
Cheyutha Aid to Chaitanya MRC Chaitanya MRC 21-Feb-2006 40 Rs. 12,000 Cheyutha, Dubai
I 4 I Aid to Chaitanya MRC Chaitanya MRC 21-Feb-2006 40 Rs. 4,500 Indians for India, Riyadh
Infrastructure Aid to SGHGBVMM, Tummala Cheruvu Tummala Cheruvu 10-Feb-2006 50 Rs. 12,416 Cheyutha, Dubai
Mega Medical Camp, Chinnaganjam Chinaganjam 15-Aug-2005 1,600 Rs. 42,000 Indians for India, Riyadh
Medical Aid to Shashank N, Cancer Treatment Hyderabad 05-Aug-2005 1 Rs. 161,000 Indians for India, Riyadh