2008 Events

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Event Name Place Event Date Persons Influenced Project Cost Partner
Education Aid to Surendra Babu VVN Chirala 01-May-2008 1 Rs. 885 Self (GETA Service Trust)
Talent Test for Little Masters Rotary Community Hall 08-Mar-2008 480 Rs. 6,500 Bharath Friends, Chirala
Education Aid to Anusha K, B.Tech Ramachandrapuram 27-Feb-2008 1 Rs. 14,000 Indians for India, Riyadh
Seminar on Winning in HR Interviews VRS & YRN 06-Feb-2008 200 Rs. 1,000 Self (GETA Service Trust)
Talent Test on Muggula Rotary Community Hall 13-Jan-2008 120 Rs. 800 Bharath Friends, Chirala