GYS Samasya Khoj Contest 1e (2023)

A Crowdsourcing Competition on Problem Identification for High School Students


About the Competition

GYS Samasya Khoj Contest 1e (2023) is a National Competition for students from classes 6 to 12. This is the First Edition (1e).

The objective is to identify real life contemporary problems in India that impact an individual's living standard, improve a business outcome, increase agricultural productivity, or better the resource saving potential.

Here are a few examples…

  • Students in high schools are not drinking enough water and often become dehydrated.
  • Passengers on Railway Platforms are often unable to see the green signal at the front of the train, board a moving train, and meet with accidents.
  • The chalk piece dust that emanates while erasing blackboards in classrooms causes allergy and health issues to teachers.
  • Elders slip and rolldown speedily when they fall on stairs.
  • Plucking fruits, flowers, or leaves from plants with thorns hurts workers.
  • Blocked drainage lines flood roads and residential areas.

A problem may have an impact on an individual, tens of people, or even hundreds and more. A problem may be in a rural context, urban area, or universal. A problem may be local to a person or family, of the village, town, district, state, or even at national level. A problem may be happening at home, in the farm, at an office or workplace, in a factory, in a public place, or universal. A problem may have occurred once, happening occasionally, or frequently. A problem may pose a risk to the lives of people or animals. And, a problem may cause loss of a few Rupees, thousands, or lakhs and more.

Someone once said, “understanding the problem is half the solution.” So, this contest is visualized to clearly identify problems paving way to find solutions. All the problems submitted here would be published on GETA Young Scientist Program website. High school students pick them up, innovate solutions, and present in various Science Competitions in India.

This competition is only to identify and submit problem statements, not solutions.

Theme for 1e (2023): Any problem relevant to Student Innovation.


Contest Announcement: 07-Dec-2023

Start Date for Submission: 08-Dec-2023

Last Date for Submission: 26-Jan-2024 extended to 15-Apr-2024

Winners Announcement: 25-Apr-2024

Awards Distribution: 30-Apr-2024

Note: Any changes in schedule would be announced here as well as in GETA_Young_Scientist Telegram Channel.


Best 10 Problem Submissions would be considered as Winners. Each Winner receives a Cash Prize of Rs. 2,000 and a Print Certificate.

15 Consolation Prizes would also be awarded to the next best submissions. Each Consolation Winner receives a Cash Prize of Rs. 500 and a Print Certificate.

All qualifying submissions would receive a digital Appreciation Certificate.


Competition Terms & Conditions

  • Students from Class 6 to Class 12 can participate.
  • Students from Government, Aided, Corporate and Private Schools in India can participate.
  • One student can submit multiple entries.
  • There must be a Guide Teacher for each submission. A parent may be the Guide Teacher.
  • Entries submitted should be Student's own, and should not copy from someone else or from the Internet.
  • If a problem is stated, used, or solved in a State-level competition previously, then it should not be submitted in this contest. However, if it was previously presented at School, Mandal, or up to District level only, then it may be submitted.
  • Language for submission is English.
  • There is NO ENTRY FEE to participate in this Competition.
  • Competition schedules and announcements are published on GETA Young Scientist Program website.
  • Evaluation or disqualification of entries will be done by a Panel of Educators and Eminent Personalities. Decision of the Panel would be final. The Panel may reduce the number of prizes if the qualified entries are less than 200.
  • Results will be published on GETA Young Scientist Program website. Winners will be intimated via phone and/or email.
  • Prize distribution would be virtual. Cash Vouchers and Digital Certificates would be distributed via email. Print Certificates would be sent via Post/Courier.

Evaluation Criteria

Qualified submissions according to the Terms & Conditions above would be evaluated as per the criteria below. This information should help Students and Guide Teachers to submit with maximum conformance and improve chances of Winning.

  • 20 points = Problem Title: Title should be short, a few words, yet reflect the issue comprehensively.
  • 30 points = Problem Description: This is where the Student can have freedom to explain. Suggested questions to answer are… What is the problem, issue, or the challenge? Why do you want to address this problem? What is the motivation? Where does this occur and how frequent? Is it life threatening? Does it cause financial losses?
  • 10 points = Affected Audience: Who does this problem affect?
  • 20 points = Quality of Submission: Factors that influence include language, grammar, specificity, detailing, examples, etc. Besides, attention and/or seriousness in responses to problem attributes asked in the Form are also taken into consideration.
  • 20 points = Relevance to Student Innovation.


Reference Link for Announcements: GETA_Young_Scientist Telegram Channel.